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Burney Fire Protection District Past and Present

The Burney Fire District began in the spirit of a grass roots endeavor; built from the ground up by the combined efforts of the people of the Burney community.

Burney's First Fire Truck

In 1932, Fred Haynes bought a Ford model B chassis and created a fire truck by installing a tank and pump.

Seven years later, the Burney Fire Protection District was formed in September of 1939 with Alvin Haynes, Doug Dunlap, and Salve Bue serving as the first directors. Not long after that the Fire Hall was completed in 1940.

Later, in 1948, a Desoto ambulance was purchased, and in 1955 a Dodge fire truck costing $14,000 was obtained.

Today, the Burney Fire Protection District has in service: 3 Fire Engines, 2 Water Tenders, a Rescue Vehicle, 2 Ambulances, a Mass Casualty Trailer and a Snowmobile. 

The Fire District remains dedicated to the community of Burney and all the residents and visitors to the area by providing multiple services, including Emergency Fire and EMS Response, Fire Safety Inspections, Training and Education and more.