Burn Permit Requirements

This permit allows you to conduct the following types of residential debris burns:

A)     Burn debris in dooryard incinerator only in exempt areas. Burney is not an exempt area, therefore burn barrels are not allowed.

B)     Burn debris in small heaps and piles (not to exceed 4 ft in diameter.)


The burning of brush, tree trimmings, pine needles, leaves or vegetation materials.

Prohibited materials include:

Tires, asphalt shingles, tar paper, cloth, upholstery, plastics, linoleum, diapers, carpeting, demolition debris, construction debris, business trash, paper, cardboard, or other smoke producing materials.

This permit is for the burning of:

Dry vegetation from within or around a RESIDENCE. In addition, a water supply must be available for immediate use by the person conducting the debris burn. The water supply must be of SUFFICIENT CAPACITY and VOLUME to extinguish the fire AT ANY TIME. This usually means the use of a garden hose or backpack pump, and a shovel.


Burning not covered by this permit include:

1. Timber slash removal due to a timber harvest.

2. Clearing for a home site.

3. Clearing for a road or driveway.

4. Agricultural removal, including tree and pasture type crops.

5. Ditch-bank or levee clearing.

6. Right-of-way clearing.

7. Wildlife habitat improvement.

8. Dumps or landfills.

Please contact your CDF or USFS office for the issuance of a permit for the above types of debris burns.

Shown (see picture)  is a burning in a small pile, illustrating the minimum fire safety requirements. These requirements apply to all piles you burn.

1. Maximum pile size is 4 feet in diameter.

2. Area within 10 feet of the outer edge of pile shall be maintained clear of all flammable material and vegetation.

3. Adult in attendance with shovel until fire is dead out.

4. Water supply at burning site.

5. No burning shall be undertaken unless weather conditions (particularly wind) are such that burning can be considered safe.

Graphic depicting safe burning

You must have a burn permit in possession while burning! You shall present the permit to any fire or law enforcement official upon their request. Prior to burning you must call 1-800-411-8728 to check if it is a permissive burn day. NO BURNING IS ALLOWED ON NO BURN DAYS. The recording is updated daily at 9:00 AM